CLINICAL thermography

Pre-Appointment Instructions

 Before Your Visit

Please read the following instructions as they are specific guidelines that you must follow prior to your test. If this is your first thermogram, please complete all paperwork download here  beforehand and take it to your appointment. If you have any questions, please phone to clarify. All information is confidential and is used to calculate your Risk Index. The Risk Index is used by the physician who will read your scan.

If you are pre menopausal, it is ideal to make your appointment in the first 2 weeks of your cycle.    

  • Tie your hair up and do not wear jewellery around the neck area (just for the imaging)
  • No prolonged sun exposure (especially sunburn) to the breasts 5 days prior to your exam
  • No use of lotions, creams, powders, or makeup on the breasts the day of the appointment
  • No use of deodorants or antiperspirants the day of your appointment
  • No physical stimulation or treatment of the breasts (ie ultrasound,massage) 24 hours prior to the appointment
  • No exercise 4 hours prior to your appointment
  • No coffee 3 hours prior to your appointment
  • No underarm shaving on the day of the appointment to avoid skin abrasions
  • If bathing, it must be at least 1 hour before the appointment
  • Avoid smoking at least 2 hours before the appointment
  • No hot or cold pack use 24hrs before the scan.


Please notify us of cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment time. Missed appointments will be charged at $50.

Please note

All of our appointments are with female technicians.

During your appointment you will disrobe from the waist up to allow for the surface temperature of the body to acclimatise to the room temperature (approximately 20 degrees Celsius) and for the thermography imaging procedure. You will be requested to sign a consent form before proceeding with imaging. Prior surgical procedures such as implants, reductions, and biopsies do not interfere with infrared imaging and breast imaging is 100% safe.

What to Expect during your appointment:

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